Monday, January 31, 2005

Tax-Free Week

Tax-free shopping is back once again. Purchases on clothing and footwear up to $110, are free from sales tax from January 31st through February 6. New York's sales tax is currently 8.625%.

Items that are not exempt:
Jewelry and watches,
handbags and umbrellas,
rented formalwear,
sports equipment,
or pet and doll clothing.

Store coupons do not count. Manufacturer's coupons do not apply when applying the $110 limit.

2 pairs of sean john blue demin jeans


  • Hey Boogie,
    We have the tax-free weekend here in Houston right before school begins. Personally, because of the crowds of crazies and the traffic, I don't think it's worth it(8 bucks for every 100 bucks you spend), but if you have a truckload of -ish to get then I suppose it's a nice little piece o' change. The thing that gets me is that they do it just before the school year begins, but don't include school supplies as being exempt. WTF!? I saw dollar signs that first year and headed to Wal-Mart. BIG MISTAKE! LOL I should have suited up in my combat gear. Just like in NY, it's a big ol' meltin' pot here in Texas and on that weekend it's like the freakin' UN Summit at the malls/stores. I'm better off chunkin' a few bucks in a shoebox during the year and shoppin' when all that madness is over...Houstonians are crazy! (Not me though);-D

    By Blogger Diva, at 4:44 PM  

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