Tuesday, January 18, 2005


6 Zixs list

Zix tv shows people like which I hate
1. M*A*S*H 2. Friends 3. Alias 4. Falcon Crest 5. Transformers 6. Star Trek

Zix artists I've seen at least twice live
1. Prince 2. Madonna 3. Janet Jackson4. Outkast 5. Joi 6. Sting

Zix things that's ended way too soon
1. Playmakers (ESPN) 2. Living Single (Fox)3. The Tom Greene Show (MTV) 4. The Righteous Apples (PBS) 5. Boston Public (Fox) 6. Boomtown (NBC)

Zix things I'm waiting for on dvd
1. Sparkle 2. Kill Bill box set 3. Square Pegs 4. Prince & The Revolution Live 5. Desperate Housewives 6. Boston Public

Zix artists that should have stopped after first release
1. Ashanti 2. Hilary Duff 3. Hootie & the Blowfish 4. Jennifer Lopez 5. Ashlee Simpson 6. Jojo

Zix movies I just don't get
1. Lord of the Rings trilogy 2. Harry Potter series 3. Pitch Black 4. Rambo 5. Mad Max series 6. Star Trek series

Zix that things I need to go away
1. Throwback Jerseys 2. Trucker Hats 3. Uggs boots 4. Anything camoflouge unless you are in the army 5. White t's & jeans 6. Von Dutch

Zix more things that need to go away also
1. Guys with braids 2. Extreme tattooing 3. Doo rags outside the house 4. Nextels walkie talkie 5. Guys in way too big pants & shirts 6. White boys trying to act black

Zix things I enjoyed from my childhood
1. Reading the Purple Cow 2. HR Pufnstuf 3. Weekend sleepovers at grannys house with cousin 4. Jellibean skating rink 5. Right On! Pin ups 6. JC Penneys xmas catalog 6.1 Garanimals

Zix guilty pleasures
1. Americas Top Model (UPN) 2. She Spies (syndicated) 3. The Simple Life (Fox) 3. Mick's Oreo Cheesecake 4. Jackie's Back 5. Jerry Springer 6. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Zix more guilty pleasures
1. The Proud Family (Disney) 2. Edy's Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream 3. Clear White Chocolate Martini 4. Desperate Housewifes (ABC) 5. Big Brother (CBS) 6. Liz Possible (Disney)

Zix I always see on my Train ride to and from work
1. Asians running for seat on train 2. Teen selling candy they got from costco/bjs claiming its for a school sports team 3. Woman selling trinkets - rubix cube, batteries, etc 4. 4 man quartet singing with brown paper bag 5. Someone with a boom box 6. Man selling batteries and asprin

Zix movies I can watch over & over
1. Enemy of the State 2. Love Jones 3. A Low Down Dirty Shame 4. Pulp Fiction 5. American Beauty 6. Minority Report

Zix things new yorkers always seem to do
1. Waiting until the last minute to exit train 2. Starbucks 3. Standing outside smoking in the dead of winter or thunderstorms 4. Selling ish on train 5. Moving Fast 6. Thinking


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