Friday, January 21, 2005

Who has the best cheesecake

Sitting at work the other day, the discussion of Junior's ( came up. Yes that Junior's (Where Da B-A-N-D from MTV's Making The Band walked to). I told the person it was all HYPE, their cheesecake sucks. They have no variety. My favorite cheesecake spots are Mick's ( with the slamming Oreo Cheesecake and The Cheesecake Factory ( Anyone that loves Junior's cheesecake must be a native Nu Yawker.


  • Junior's cheesecake is tired. It's watered down, and the portions are small. It's just a NYC institution, so everyone clings to it. I used to live at DeKalb and Ft. Greene, just blocks away. Often I would go for lunch or breakfast, and failed to be impressed by the cheesecake.

    Eli's is much better. The product is fabulous: a very thick mixture, light flavor, very fresh. The Cheesecake Factory is also a superior product. There's another restaurant in NYC that has great cheesecake. I forget the exact name but it's Italian, on 8th Avenue around 29th or 30th street, west side of the block.

    And when I lived in Chicago there was a local bakery that was just brilliant! Cheesecakes by JR, it was called. Wonderful Yiddish recipe.


    By Blogger Rod, at 7:28 PM  

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