Monday, January 31, 2005

In Other Jackson News... A Must Read

Marlon Jackson knew early fame most of us can only imagine as a member of the Jackson 5, one of the most successful singing groups in the history of popular music. Along with his brothers, he performed a grueling number of shows and made huge amounts of money...for his parents. But, as most of us know, there was a dark side to the Jacksons' story of glitter and gold. Terrorized by their father, Joe Jackson, Marlon and his siblings, including Michael, were traumatized, humiliated, and ultimately denied their fair share of their earnings.

SURVIVING THE STORMS is Marlon's story of the dysfunction and heartache that enveloped his family. With revelations about his brothers and sisters and, most shockingly, about his parents that will help explain the tragic paths some of them have chosen, the book will also be an inspiring and entertaining read. Today, Marlon is a successful businessman whose marriage has withstood the tests of celebrity and poverty and who, while wanting to set the record straight, holds no bitterness or rancor. It will be a page-turner for the millions fascinated by all things Jackson.

MARLON JACKSON is an original member with his four brothers of The Jackson 5, a group that has sold more than 100 million records. He is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of the Major Broadcasting Cable Network (MBC Network), where he brings more than 30 years of business entertainment and operations experience. He is also an avid philanthropist involved with many causes and charities.


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