Monday, March 14, 2005

Report Details Braxton Case

Allegations against Towanda Braxton-Carter, pop star Toni Braxton’s sister, stem from checks stolen from Safeco regional headquarters in Gwinnett County, according to the police report filed in the incident.

The sister of R&B singer Toni Braxton is facing criminal charges in Gwinnett County. Braxton-Carter, who lives in Duluth, was charged with forgery and theft-by-receiving.

Braxton-Carter, 31, was once an employee of Safeco, an insurance firm, but quit months before the alleged thefts took place.

Braxton-Carter was reportedly in a back room of the company’s office where the blank checks are stored with Steven Robeson, an employee, on January 31. Robeson left the room for a few minutes leaving Braxton-Carter alone and at that time she allegedly stole three blank company checks, the police report said.

Braxton-Carter apparently used one of the checks at the Sweetwater Liquor Store, according to the police report.

The check was processed, but rejected because of errors on the check and the liquor store subsequently contacted Safeco and Peggy Kingman, whom the police report lists as an investigator, and presumably, is employed by Safeco.

Kingman said Braxton-Carter told her that Robeson had given her the checks and that she did not know they were forged. Robeson told Kingman he did not know anything about the checks, according to the police report.

The other two checks have not been accounted for.

Robeson was fired by Safeco for allowing someone into the back room, which is against company policy, the police report said.

Braxton-Carter, who lives in Duluth, Ga., has been charged with one count of forgery.

The Gwinnett County district attorney recently received the case and no court hearings have yet been set, Gwinnett officials told 11Alive News.

A representative for Braxton-Carter declined to comment. A Safeco spokesman also declined to comment on the allegations.

Braxton-Carter was recently on the how "Starting Over" and was a member of the R&B singing group The Braxtons.


  • Whoa, I knew she was dealing with some issues when she was on Starting Over but I wasn't expecting her to go crazy when she left the show.

    By Blogger Nikki, at 1:00 PM  

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