Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Private Booth- It's About Sex

As I was surfing on Craig’s List I ran across this new blog, Private Booth .

It is a blog environment for talk about real sex, real desires, and real experiences that real people encounter. It’s the girl who threw up on you the while she sucked you off, it’s the first time you got off with your fingers instead of a vibrator, it’s getting fucked up the ass with shampoo instead of lube.

It's cybersex, phone sex, pity sex, and make up sex.

It's gay sex, straight sex, bi sex, young sex, old sex and polyamorous sex.

It's sex with the ones you love and it’s sex with strangers.

It's your sex, and your preferences, and your explorations, and your pleasure, and your heartbreak.

It's getting off and it's making love.

It's what you think, it's what you wonder, it's what you hope.


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