Monday, February 07, 2005

Simon sez (... everything, with brutal honesty)

excepts from USA WEEKEND

Here's Simon on ...

What makes a star a star
It's talent, determination, selfishness, originality. And luck plays a big part in it. Take Britney Spears, landing that ... "Baby One More Time" song, only after TLC turned it down. You just can't account for that kind of thing when planning a career.

Usher vs. Justin Timberlake?
If I had to have one of the two, I would take Usher any day. The interesting thing about Justin is, he is a white boy who has tried to make himself black over the years. So you get the impression sometimes that he wants to be something he's not.

Beyoncé vs. Alicia Keys?
Beyoncé has made one very, very good pop record, "Crazy in Love." [But] I went to see her in concert in Vegas, and I was bored out of my mind. Alicia is smart and a fantastic songwriter ... like a modern-day Carole King.

Who we'll listen to in 10 years
Christina Aguilera. She is an unbelievable talent. Christina's "Beautiful" is one of the best pop records I have ever heard in my life.


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