Monday, August 15, 2005

Slight Blind Item

Rumors are circulating throughout Hollywood about the Comedian/Actor/Musician divorce battle, I was talkin to a industry friend last nite, she said, Future Ex got sick of putting up with him and Solo/Male Super Group Member. People had warned her years ago about the down low rumors, she chose not to believe it until she witnessed it, Comedian/Actor/Musician had got to the point where he didnt care, he often told her, he was the breadwinner and at least he wasn’t cheating with women.

He became so brazen, Solo/Male Super Group Member came over to their house every holiday, sitting at the table with Future Ex and the kids.

Former Teen Heartthrob and Athlete/Producer/Promoter are also heavily involved in this scenario, they tried to recruit Fallen Heavyweight/Rapist/Wife Beater (when he had money), and it worked like a charm, especially as he could bring in his DL boyfriend, Heartthrob/Actor/Musician/Model.

Solo/Male Super Group Member is pathetic, he is with all these men and doesnt benefit, before he reunited with super group, he was so broke, he lived in Athlete/Producer/Promoter guest house and I heard Athlete/Producer/Promoter's wife wasnt too happy about it.

They also stated that the following gentlemen are involved in their circle of DL brothers: Ex Late Nite Talk Show Host/Actor/Comedian, current football player, Super Manager, (who got a client in the game in the first place) Actor/Musician (who then returned the 'flavor" and ushered his boys Married Actor & Current Teen Heart throb/Actor/Comedian/Musician into the game, along with super male model stud Male Model/Actor and Network Radio Personality/TV Host.

They said that the reason his Futue Ex stayed knocked up is so she wouldn't be suspicious of his extra activities.


  • I'm going to need you to tell me some names. I kinda have some butit gets kinda confusing(I can keep a secret)LOL

    By Blogger Dono819, at 2:48 AM  

  • LOL, then it wouldnt be a blind item

    By Blogger boogietonight, at 10:49 AM  

  • well yes ma'am, aint nothing like morning Tea being poured in an awaiting cup... mine just ran over...

    By Blogger Butch Queen, at 12:26 PM  

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