Monday, May 23, 2005

CraveWorthy: Marques Houston gets NAKED

Marques Houston's steamy new video Naked picks up where D'Angelo's Untitled left off. Borrowing the idea from Tony Toni Tone's previous video, he gets completely naked.

The sizzling uncut version is shot in Black and White with splashes of Red. This video is definately CRAVE WORTHY! Check the video out below, I may just have to pick up his new cd.

  • Marques Houston


      By Blogger HARMONICA, at 11:24 AM  

    • I seen the video and dude is fine as hell! LOL

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:34 PM  

    • wish i could save it, that's okay, explorer stays on, just so i can peek at it 50 times a day. and i am not a MH fan but it's a tasty video. thanks for the link, i wouldn't have gotten through without you

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:57 PM  

    • Ahhh man thats how i like to see marques houston.... naked i only wish the camera would have gone lower

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:11 PM  

    • Marques Houston is so fine and he will be mine, so back off please.

      from : shameka Call me (1347-432 2235) HOLLA!!!!!!

      By Anonymous shameka, at 7:54 PM  

    • whoo whoo come and get naked with me damm it looks like he has a big na let me stop it was hot only if bet would show it..

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:03 PM  

    • i want to fuck

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 PM  

    • DANG, I still haven't seen this video.. I need to watch 106 today.. my computer is too slow for the download, lol

      By Blogger SmilingOnThaDL, at 3:01 PM  

    • I seen the naked video and as soon as I saw him sitting there completely naked I wanted to come through that tv and kiss all over his body.Even on his...well I can't give too much detail

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:14 PM  

    • Marques houston is the finest motherfucka I have ever seen lol

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:16 PM  

    • mh makes me wanna get down on my knees and...mmmmh mh baby i want u I need u I know you want dis let me show how good it taste lol lol lol here my number is fuck me lolol call me!

      By Anonymous tasty, at 6:25 PM  

    • mh i want u inside of me lick me all over kiss me all over and maybe i'll lick your... until then let's just say i wanna fuck u

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:44 PM  

    • Mannnnnn All I gotta say is Deezamn!!!! Was that some public hair LOL Man I just wish they could go a lil farther down so we can really see what's keepin Batman from flying! :)

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:16 PM  

      Now why did they ban this video but
      at the same time there is a constant display of women shakin' there ass 24/7. What's the difference? I think it's kinda sexist. AS a woman I want to see sexy men on tv as well.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:27 PM  

    • marques houston iz sexyyyyyyyyyy lawd have mercy when i watch that video i get heart palpitaions just thinkin about me and him in my room or his room just gettin our freak onnnnn he has the best body ever, usher cant test, omarion cant test they just aint up to marques' level he is a fineeee br***** keep it up baby i luv u and keep dat dick big and sexy...and suckable

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:13 PM  

    • MARQUES HOUSTON WANNA MAKE ME GET NAKED!! lol sike naw but i wish thatcamera would have went farther down. hopefully there is sume real pics of Marques Houston naked cuz i wanna see them. and i think he anit lien that its big. lol sikenaw(well it probably is big)

      By Anonymous Beverly, at 3:51 AM  

    • when i was 3 mh went out with my sister and i was his favorite little girl but they broke up and i'm mad because thats when she was 14 and ( if you seen the please don't go vid then thats my sis when she 14 she look like a woman already but im still mad i wanted to see omarion dang man why she had to break up wat a retard im ariel albright my siser is krishana everett) im sooooo mad im serious now 14 she 23 bout to be 24 dec. 26and im happy for her she got 3 kids and a man that stayed with her for 11 yrs. wow huh this is a true story i wish i was still his little girl again WHY!!!

      By Blogger msariel, at 4:45 PM  

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