Sunday, May 22, 2005

I've Got Movies....

I know its been a minute since I have updated... Here are a few flicks I happen to catch at the Tribeca Film Fest


A bubbly soufflé of a screwball romantic comedy THE BAXTER starring the film's writer-director as Elliot Sherman, who is the classic guy left at the altar in old romantic movies. Elliot could miss out on his perfect match because he is so focused on the blonde bombshell who will never love him, but might marry him. Also starring Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Williams, and Justin Theroux. Never have I laughed so hard at a comedy recently.


The story revolves around a strange little hospital with weird patients and even weirder staff.

A patient in a hospital dies due to malpractice. In a panic, the doctors responsible stage a cover up. Shortly thereafter, another patient is left at the hospital doors dying of bizarre symptoms. When the patient dies, the doctors involved in the cover up being acting strangely then one by one develop the same mysterious and deadly symptoms. (Japanese with English subtitles). I wonder who will make the American version...


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