Thursday, December 02, 2004

Feel So Much Better

After dealing with a bout of food poisoning (which is not a good feeling) I am feeling 90% myself. During my sick time it was very work and bed up dealing with cramps in stomach. After meeting with my nutritionist, she suggested I do the following...
Day 1:
Fast nothing but Ginger Tea
Day 2:
Ginger Tea, Creamy Blend Soup
Day 3:
Ginger Tea, Soup and oatmeal
Day 4:
Ginger Tea, Soup, Oatmeal then slowly add meat back in...
So now I can be prepared for Saturdays dinner party with my friends and not over do it. I think in the new year I will be fasting at least one day a week.
Did you happen to catch Americas Next Top Model? Eva had the best looking pictures out of all of them. I know she nor Yaya will make it to the final two.


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