Monday, November 21, 2005

Stage: Can A Hoochie Become First Lady?

Desadier Wade has made a lifestyle out of having a relationship with men’s money rather than with the men. She is the owner of an upscale, first class boutique which is attached to her posh carriage house in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the queen of gigolo/jezebel and manipulations! Her manipulations skills have earned her among many other things, a lifestyle that her girlfriends can only envy and dream about!

There is only one problem in Desadier’s world: Ford Collins! She has been ‘dating’ Ford for five years waiting for his pending divorce ‘to become final.

Raine Caldwell, Desadier best friend, put the ‘t’ in thug! The motto she lives by is quick, simple, and to the point, “get the money, get the money, and don’t forget to get that money!”

Her grandmother MomSalli Chestnut is the powerful, outspoken matriarch of the family. She has raised Desadier and Carla from babies whiles their mother, her daughter, Rita was in prison. Money plus sex equals power to the people of Desadier world! It is without debate that women have power.

The question is: has that power been used: negatively or positively? The play brings to life the thought that the heart of your past actually becomes your life of the future! The only question left in the minds of all those present is, “CAN A HOOCHIE REALLY BECOME A FIRST LADY?

What do you do when your past catches up with you? It's the question at the heart of this explosive play, Can A Hoochie Become First Lady? depicting a young woman at life's crossroads. Accomplished writer, T.V. & Film favorite Phyllis Yvonne Stickney (How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Malcolm X), Nina Nicole (Pandoras Box and Robert Townsend’s Playhouse 22) and an all-star ensemble of cast that includes Recording Artist Rahbi Hines, Shan Favors (MTV), Wanda Trent-Phillips (The Gospel), Jamal McGhee (Madea’s Class Reunion), Big Sean Larkin (HBO’s Bad Boys of Comedy), & Gravedigger (BET).

Can A Hoochie Become First Lady? The play poses the question, Who can find a wholesome woman? Proverbs 14:1. Playwright/Director Towonda Kilpatrick has taken her experiences and girlfriends stories and parlayed them into a hit stage play.

The epic stage performance of the cast played to sold-out crowds since its opening and has received rave reviews for its brilliantly created characters. There are even soft whispers that some of our favorite movie heroines are requesting featured roles.

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