Friday, November 18, 2005

Radio: Crossover Negro Reese

Fans of Crossover Negro Reese, who recently left the Star & Buc Wild morning show on WWPR (105.1 FM), can catch him next month on a comedy stage - or perhaps soon, he says, somewhere on talk radio.

"I have the fullest intention," says Reese, "of returning to the air to continue to discuss and debate some of today's important issues."

He says he is "currently in talks to return to the talk radio market" and his only regret about his sudden resignation from Star & Buc Wild was "not giving the listener a proper goodbye."

Hopkins had been a prominent cast member on Star's show for several years. A self-described conservative, he often joined in animated, heated and edgy discussions.

But that's part of Star's successful on-air technique - letting no one get too comfortable - and Hopkins says, "There are no hard feelings between myself and the show. I had a wonderful time [and] learned so much from being a part of it."


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