Monday, September 19, 2005

R. Kelly Wife Beater?

Andrea Kelly, the estranged wife of beleaguered R&B singer R. Kelly, was granted an emergency order of protection against her husband earlier this month.

Mrs. Kelly, mother of Kelly's three young children, Robert, John and Jaya, asked the Cook County court to prohibit the singer from physical abuse, harassment, stalking, and interfering with her personal liberty. She also demanded that R. Kelly not remove the children from their home and not dispose of their home, black Mercedes Benz, clothes, photos and computer. Mrs. Kelly stated in her petition that she did not want any contact with him "at all, by any means."


  • Nothing surprising about this. Even if you dismissed the chestermolester tendencies, he displays classic characteristics. Think about the fact that he's been married since 1997, yet she's never seen or heard from. I know she was a dancer named Baby or Babygirl on his 1st/2nd tour, but other than sighting her in a pic from then, there are few to no pics of her that anyone has seen. When all his legal troubles came down, there wasn't even a statement of support released to the media from her. Now if she was just a golddigger as some online have suggested, wouldn't it make sense that there would've been? Wouldn't appearances @ his side @ public events have been a strong show of support? There had to be a reason it never happened, and I always thought he'd isolated her and basically imprisoned her in their home. That's that classic abuser syndrome. Just my humble opinion tho... but I pray for both of them to be healed. Her self-esteem has had to've taken a huge beating, whether he ever touched her or not. He's very emotional tho, so I really believe that he has.

    By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at 9:23 AM  

  • yep. it's about to get uglier.

    By Blogger Danyel, at 10:37 AM  

  • I'm glad because of 2 things :
    1. he won't beat that poor woman anymore
    2. their daughters won't be molested by this bastard

    By Blogger Beauty, at 5:50 PM  

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