Monday, January 31, 2005

Tax-Free Week

Tax-free shopping is back once again. Purchases on clothing and footwear up to $110, are free from sales tax from January 31st through February 6. New York's sales tax is currently 8.625%.

Items that are not exempt:
Jewelry and watches,
handbags and umbrellas,
rented formalwear,
sports equipment,
or pet and doll clothing.

Store coupons do not count. Manufacturer's coupons do not apply when applying the $110 limit.

2 pairs of sean john blue demin jeans

In Other Jackson News... A Must Read

Marlon Jackson knew early fame most of us can only imagine as a member of the Jackson 5, one of the most successful singing groups in the history of popular music. Along with his brothers, he performed a grueling number of shows and made huge amounts of money...for his parents. But, as most of us know, there was a dark side to the Jacksons' story of glitter and gold. Terrorized by their father, Joe Jackson, Marlon and his siblings, including Michael, were traumatized, humiliated, and ultimately denied their fair share of their earnings.

SURVIVING THE STORMS is Marlon's story of the dysfunction and heartache that enveloped his family. With revelations about his brothers and sisters and, most shockingly, about his parents that will help explain the tragic paths some of them have chosen, the book will also be an inspiring and entertaining read. Today, Marlon is a successful businessman whose marriage has withstood the tests of celebrity and poverty and who, while wanting to set the record straight, holds no bitterness or rancor. It will be a page-turner for the millions fascinated by all things Jackson.

MARLON JACKSON is an original member with his four brothers of The Jackson 5, a group that has sold more than 100 million records. He is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of the Major Broadcasting Cable Network (MBC Network), where he brings more than 30 years of business entertainment and operations experience. He is also an avid philanthropist involved with many causes and charities.

Damn it Janet

That wild and crazy Janet Jackson reportedly wears a penis around her neck. The diamond-encrusted black "family jewel" - which, when pulled, is said to 'get excited' - is allegedly the singer's favorite piece of jewelry, reports Female First. Jackson reportedly paid $18,000 at a West Hollywood jeweler for the charm.

3 Down a lot more to go

1. Lil Pimp
Ludacris is so funny in this movie.

2. Dodgeball
So funny had to view it 3 times

3. Collateral
Thumbs up to Jada, Tom and Jamie

How Many DVDs Can I View Before March 2

So i finally gave in to testing the water of TLA Video's Netflix type service. Where for 24.99 a month I can have 3 movies out at a time. I have a whole lot of flicks to catch up on (see list below).

The Viewing List
Jackass, Badder Santa, You Got Served, Reno 911 Season 1, Nip/Tuck Season 1, Bourne Identity, Soap Season 3, One Hour Photo, Secretary, Old School, Sweet Home Alabama, Soul Plane, A Man Apart (LT), Bowling For Columbine, Mean Girls, Day After 2Tommorrow, I, Robot, The Terminal, In Living Color Season 1&2, Monster, Wonderland, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Intolerable Cruelty, XXX, Bourne Supremacy, Super Size Me, Denied (TLA), Dead Guys (TLA), The Ladykillers, The Wire Season 1&2 , Boomtown, Bully, White Chicks,
Woman Thou Are Loose, Crank Yankers, Angels In America, Shark Tale, The Incredibles, Barbershop Uncut: East Coast, Ray, The Show, Simple Life 1, Lugar Heights, 24th day, Pee Wee Playhouse Xmas, After The Sunset, Elf, Ice Age, Cat In The Hat, Spooks/MI5, Sexual Dependecy (TLA), Locked Up (TLA), Transfixed (TLA), 200 americans (TLA), Without A Paddle, Curb Your Enthusuasm Season 3, Dodgeball, Lil Pimp, Collateral, The Forgotten

Friday, January 28, 2005

Hookup Questionnaire 2005 edition

Another Craig List find

Hookup Questionnaire

Name: (or cyber alias if no face picture available):

Borough: (just saying NYC is not enough, please be specific).

Latest STD/HIV Test Results: (please be honest and have recent copy on hand, whether traveling or hosting. Could be a deal breaker)

Height/weight: (there are those who only want a certain height or weight) Body Hair: (bear hairy, sexy hair, semi-hairy)

Hair color: (or lack of hair if you’re thinning or sporting a Kojak)

Kinks/Fetishes: (whipped cream, Hershey’s syrup, etc)

Sexual Comfort/Acceptance:

Out and Proud: (circle ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

DL/Undercover: (circle ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

Ability to Host on Regular Basis: (please be honest and specific – once a week, or twice a month when ‘roommate’ or girlfriend/wife is out of town on business)

Does size REALLY matter: (circle ‘yes’ ‘sometimes’ or ‘no’)

How RECENT is the attached picture, and is it REALLY you: (taken from high school yearbook when I had hair? Taken from college yearbook when hair started falling out and midsection grew? Picture is compliments of wizardry of Photoshop? Guilty as charged, ‘borrowed’ picture from any number of websites or person who posted on this site?)

Essay Question: (Is there anything else potential applicants should know before responding?)

Winter Chill Mix

Here are some current tunes i'm rocking and vibing too:
1. Amerie - 1 Thing and All I Need
2. Mariah Carey - It's Like That (and I am not a Mariah fan but this isFIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEE)
3. The Game ft 50 Cent - Hate It Or Love It
4. Cam'ron ft Kayne West with Syleena Johnson - Down & Out
5. Vee (aka Raheen DeVaughn) - I Got Rhythm
6. Nuyorican Soul
7. Kleer - Intaminate Connection
8. Rupee - This Is Rupee.Com
9. Ryan Leslie ft Snoop Dogg - Just Right
10. Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown
11. Shawn Desman

Monday, January 24, 2005

Woes of Retail: Die you imprudent bitches DIEEE

Ran across this on Craig's List

As a young and somewhat naive person, I went into the field of retail full of bubbly hope and expectations. the money wasn't bad and i had plenty of time for school, among other things. yet here i am, after a long long long time of enduring the woes of retail, ranting about the asian, especially chinese customers that frequent the store i work at. these are just the sad sad truths that my feeble heart refused to admit but til now. top five most common price bargain reasons used by chinese customers

1. "I'm a loyal customer. I bought TWO pairs of shoes here since 1998, go check your records!!! " (it's not only sad but ridiculous that you even have the courage to say that you bought 2 fricking pairs of shoes over fricking 6 years.... go die while i finish that $600 sale over there)

2. "The old boss always give me big discount" (the old boss had a fetish for asian women, didn't know two crap about business management, and left over 6 years ago. pluh-lezzz)

3. "Can you take off the tax? I'm paying in cash" (Can the store just cheat the feds so that you save $12.38 and let our asses get raped by the IRS?)

4. "*In Chinese to me* Aiya, miss, just take 10% off the total, your boss wouldn't know. Just help out a Chinese person like me aiya" ( OMG! like, you are like, the only other Chinese person in like, the freaking entire city! OMGG!!! While we enjoy this reunion of our common heritage, why don't i drop onto the floor, spit shine your shoes and offer the entire cash register just because you're chinese?!?!? argh, moving on...)

5. "What? The coupon is expired by 3 weeks? Aiya just pretend it's still valid" ( well you know, milk spoiled over 3 weeks isnt that bad, as soon as you gulp down that sucker, i'll give you your expired 10% off. bitches)

Notes all customers should take notice of

1. Just because I am *young* and probably, in your perception, naive, do not try to give me a fricking hard time.

2. Chinese ladies: just because I speak chinese does not automatically establish any special relationship between us. Don't look all shocked just because *gasp* a young person actually speaks her native language! Just try on your damn shoes, i am not your stylist, do not talk to me about what province you came from, how nice it is there, how you adjusted to america, how your daughter looks like me, how you applied for citizenship, and how when you were young, you were a model student and a "school flower"

3. Be clean and wear the footsox please. No one wants to see your nasty ass un-pedicured feet. The footsox are disposable, when i hand them to you, do not give me an evil eye, as if i'm accusing your personal hygiene. better yet, do not take the footsox, and hide them under the chair/between the shoes/under your asscrack.

4. asian ladies: why do you care so much about my personal life? do you ask a salesperson at macy's how much they earn and if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no? then don't fricking ask me. and don't lecture me on how i'm too young to have a boyfriend blah blah blah. excuse you, i work, i pay for my own living expenses, and i'm not a fricking 16 year old. i will stab you in the eye with a shoe horn the next time you offer your unwanted advice.

5. lastly, to the asian women who always ask me if the shoes are made in china. please, you came in carrying fake gucci bags and knockoff dior pleather pants (of which the rhinestones were falling off of), tries to look all classy with a rich white guy in one arm and a bucket of makeup on your faces. IF you had ANY class or intelligence, you'd know that all the brands we carry are made in europe, mostly in England and Germany. besides, what does it matter if anything is made in china or not? you disgust me. by the way, you should probably chill on the chemical peels and shiseido anti wrinkle creams, your face shines brighter than all our fluroscent lights combined. goddamn.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Who has the best cheesecake

Sitting at work the other day, the discussion of Junior's ( came up. Yes that Junior's (Where Da B-A-N-D from MTV's Making The Band walked to). I told the person it was all HYPE, their cheesecake sucks. They have no variety. My favorite cheesecake spots are Mick's ( with the slamming Oreo Cheesecake and The Cheesecake Factory ( Anyone that loves Junior's cheesecake must be a native Nu Yawker.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


6 Zixs list

Zix tv shows people like which I hate
1. M*A*S*H 2. Friends 3. Alias 4. Falcon Crest 5. Transformers 6. Star Trek

Zix artists I've seen at least twice live
1. Prince 2. Madonna 3. Janet Jackson4. Outkast 5. Joi 6. Sting

Zix things that's ended way too soon
1. Playmakers (ESPN) 2. Living Single (Fox)3. The Tom Greene Show (MTV) 4. The Righteous Apples (PBS) 5. Boston Public (Fox) 6. Boomtown (NBC)

Zix things I'm waiting for on dvd
1. Sparkle 2. Kill Bill box set 3. Square Pegs 4. Prince & The Revolution Live 5. Desperate Housewives 6. Boston Public

Zix artists that should have stopped after first release
1. Ashanti 2. Hilary Duff 3. Hootie & the Blowfish 4. Jennifer Lopez 5. Ashlee Simpson 6. Jojo

Zix movies I just don't get
1. Lord of the Rings trilogy 2. Harry Potter series 3. Pitch Black 4. Rambo 5. Mad Max series 6. Star Trek series

Zix that things I need to go away
1. Throwback Jerseys 2. Trucker Hats 3. Uggs boots 4. Anything camoflouge unless you are in the army 5. White t's & jeans 6. Von Dutch

Zix more things that need to go away also
1. Guys with braids 2. Extreme tattooing 3. Doo rags outside the house 4. Nextels walkie talkie 5. Guys in way too big pants & shirts 6. White boys trying to act black

Zix things I enjoyed from my childhood
1. Reading the Purple Cow 2. HR Pufnstuf 3. Weekend sleepovers at grannys house with cousin 4. Jellibean skating rink 5. Right On! Pin ups 6. JC Penneys xmas catalog 6.1 Garanimals

Zix guilty pleasures
1. Americas Top Model (UPN) 2. She Spies (syndicated) 3. The Simple Life (Fox) 3. Mick's Oreo Cheesecake 4. Jackie's Back 5. Jerry Springer 6. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Zix more guilty pleasures
1. The Proud Family (Disney) 2. Edy's Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream 3. Clear White Chocolate Martini 4. Desperate Housewifes (ABC) 5. Big Brother (CBS) 6. Liz Possible (Disney)

Zix I always see on my Train ride to and from work
1. Asians running for seat on train 2. Teen selling candy they got from costco/bjs claiming its for a school sports team 3. Woman selling trinkets - rubix cube, batteries, etc 4. 4 man quartet singing with brown paper bag 5. Someone with a boom box 6. Man selling batteries and asprin

Zix movies I can watch over & over
1. Enemy of the State 2. Love Jones 3. A Low Down Dirty Shame 4. Pulp Fiction 5. American Beauty 6. Minority Report

Zix things new yorkers always seem to do
1. Waiting until the last minute to exit train 2. Starbucks 3. Standing outside smoking in the dead of winter or thunderstorms 4. Selling ish on train 5. Moving Fast 6. Thinking

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oh My

Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads US Secret Service email

By Kevin Poulsen, SecurityFocus
Published Wednesday 12th January 2005 09:47 GMT

A sophisticated computer hacker had access to servers at wireless giant T-Mobile for at least a year, which he used to monitor US Secret Service email, obtain customers' passwords and Social Security numbers, and download candid photos taken by Sidekick users, including Hollywood celebrities, SecurityFocus has learned.

Twenty-one year-old Nicolas Jacobsen was quietly charged with the intrusions last October, after a Secret Service informant helped investigators link him to sensitive agency documents that were circulating in underground IRC chat rooms. The informant also produced evidence that Jacobsen was behind an offer to provide T-Mobile customers' personal information to identity thieves through an Internet bulletin board, according to court records.

Jacobsen could access information on any of the Bellevue, Washington-based company's 16.3 million customers, including many customers' Social Security numbers and dates of birth, according to government filings in the case. He could also obtain voicemail PINs, and the passwords providing customers with web access to their T-Mobile email accounts. He did not have access to credit card numbers.

The case arose as part of the Secret Service's "Operation Firewall" crackdown on internet fraud rings last October, in which 19 men were indicted for trafficking in stolen identity information and documents, and stolen credit and debit card numbers. But Jacobsen was not charged with the others. Instead he faces two felony counts of computer intrusion and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer in a separate, unheralded federal case in Los Angeles, currently set for a 14 February status conference.

The government is handling the case well away from the spotlight. The US Secret Service, which played the dual role of investigator and victim in the drama, said Tuesday it couldn't comment on Jacobsen because the agency doesn't discuss ongoing cases - a claim that's perhaps undermined by the 19 other Operation Firewall defendants discussed in a Secret Service press release last fall. Jacobsen's prosecutor, assistant US attorney Wesley Hsu, also declined to comment. "I can't talk about it," Hsu said simply. Jacobsen's lawyer didn't return a phone call.

T-Mobile, which apparently knew of the intrusions by July of last year, has not issued any public warning. Under California's anti-identity theft law "SB1386," the company is obliged to notify any California customers of a security breach in which their personally identifiable information is "reasonably believed to have been" compromised. That notification must be made in "the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay," but may be postponed if a law enforcement agency determines that the disclosure would compromise an investigation.

Company spokesman Peter Dobrow said Tuesday that nobody at T-Mobile was available to comment on the matter.

Cat and Mouse Game

According to court records the massive T-Mobile breach first came to the government's attention in March 2004, when a hacker using the online moniker "Ethics" posted a provocative offer on, one of the crime-facilitating online marketplaces being monitored by the Secret Service as part of Operation Firewall.

"[A]m offering reverse lookup of information for a t-mobile cell phone, by phone number at the very least, you get name, ssn, and DOB at the upper end of the information returned, you get web username/password, voicemail password, secret question/answer, sim#, IMEA#, and more," Ethics wrote.

The Secret Service contacted T-Mobile, according to an affidavit filed by cyber crime agent Matthew Ferrante, and by late July the company had confirmed that the offer was genuine: a hacker had indeed breached their customer database,

At the same time, agents received disturbing news from a prized snitch embedded in the identity theft and credit card fraud underground. Unnamed in court documents, the informant was an administrator and moderator on the Shadowcrew site who'd been secretly cooperating with the government since August 2003 in exchange for leniency. By all accounts he was a key government asset in Operation Firewall.

On 28 July the informant gave his handlers proof that their own sensitive documents were circulating in the underground marketplace they were striving to destroy. He had obtained a log of an IRC chat session in which a hacker named "Myth" copy-and-pasted excerpts of an internal Secret Service memorandum report, and a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty from the Russian Federation. Both documents are described in the Secret Service affidavit as "highly sensitive information pertaining to ongoing USSS criminal cases".

At the agency's urging, the informant made contact with Myth, and learned that the documents represented just a few droplets in a full-blown Secret Service data spill. The hacker knew about Secret Service subpoenas relating to government computer crime investigations, and even knew the agency was monitoring his own ICQ chat account.

Myth refused to identify the source of his informational largesse, but agreed to arrange an introduction. The next day Myth, the snitch, and a third person using the nickname "Anonyman" met on an IRC channel. Over the following days, the snitch gained the hacker's trust, and the hacker confirmed that he and Ethics were one and the same. Ethics began sharing Secret Service documents and emails with the informant, who passed them back to the agency.

Honeypot Proxy

By 5 August the agents already had a good idea what was going on, when Ethics made a fateful mistake. The hacker asked the Secret Service informant for a proxy server - a host that would pass through web connections, making them harder to trace. The informant was happy to oblige. The proxy he provided, of course, was a Secret Service machine specially configured for monitoring, and agents watched as the hacker surfed to "My T-Mobile," and entered a username and password belonging to Peter Cavicchia, a Secret Service cyber crime agent in New York.

Cavicchia was the agent who last year spearheaded the investigation of Jason Smathers, a former AOL employee accused of stealing 92 million customer email addresses from the company to sell to a spammer. The agent was also an adopter of mobile technology, and he did a lot of work through his T-Mobile Sidekick - an all-in-one cellphone, camera, digital organizer and email terminal. The Sidekick uses T-Mobile servers for email and file storage, and the stolen documents had all been lifted from Cavicchia's T-Mobile account, according to the affidavit. (Cavicchia didn't respond to an email query from SecurityFocus Tuesday.)

By that time the Secret Service already had a line on Ethic's true identity. Agents had the hacker's ICQ number, which he'd used to chat with the informant. A web search on the number turned up a 2001 resume for the then-teenaged Jacobsen, who'd been looking for a job in computer security. The email address was listed as

The trick with the proxy honeypot provided more proof of the hacker's identity: the server's logs showed that Ethics had connected from an IP address belonging to the Residence Inn Hotel in Buffalo, New York. When the Secret Service checked the Shadowcrew logs through a backdoor set up for their use - presumably by the informant - they found that Ethics had logged in from the same address. A phone call to the hotel confirmed that Nicolas Jacobsen was a guest.

Snapshots Compromised

Eight days later, on 27 October, law enforcement agencies dropped the hammer on Operation Firewall, and descended on fraud and computer crime suspects across eight states and six foreign countries, arresting 28 of them. Jacobsen, then living in an apartment in Santa Ana in Southern California, was taken into custody by the Secret Service. He was later released on bail with computer use restrictions.

Jacobsen lost his job at Pfastship Logistics, an Irvine, California company where he worked as a network administrator, and he now lives in Oregon.

The hacker's access to the T-Mobile gave him more than just Secret Service documents. A friend of Jacobsen's says that prior to his arrest, Jacobsen provided him with digital photos that he claimed celebrities had snapped with their cell phone cameras. "He basically just said there was flaw in the way the cell phone servers were set up," says William Genovese, a 27-year-old hacker facing unrelated charges for allegedly selling a copy of Microsoft's leaked source code for $20.00. Genovese provided SecurityFocus with an address on his website featuring what appears to be grainy candid shots of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton.

The swiped images are not mention in court records, but a source close to the defense confirmed Genovese's account, and says Jacobsen amused himself and others by obtaining the passwords of Sidekick-toting celebrities from the hacked database, then entering their T-Mobile accounts and downloading photos they'd taken with the wireless communicator's built-in camera.

The same source also offers an explanation for the secrecy surrounding the case: the Secret Service, the source says, has offered to put the hacker to work, pleading him out to a single felony, then enlisting him to catch other computer criminals in the same manner in which he himself was caught. The source says that Jacobsen, facing the prospect of prison time, is favorably considering the offer.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

i try

In the year 2005 I will try to

Attend church a little more often.

Get your resolution here

Friday, January 07, 2005

Celebrity Spottings

Today after picking up a bottle of my latest poison Navan (, as I was walking and run into funkmaster George Clinton getting out his car service at Brooklyn Academy of Music. I acknowledged him with a the brotha mans hello. Later as I was getting pizza at Not Ray's Pizza R&B songtress Alyson Williams walks by with one of her girl friends.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the 2005 list

Everyone makes new years resolutions, I don't I just make do lists... So I will review this list when 2006 comes around and see what I accomplished:
Joe boxer comforter (kmart),
amex blue/innyc,
Sav Sand Gnats Away (blk) Home (grn) cap,
get visa card down,
jimi hendrix t (house of nubian),
blk atl braves cap,
thermals (blk, tops),
gap/foot locker polo shirts,
sony dvd/cd player ns575p,
andis slim line trimmer 22780,
kodak easyshare printer dock ($200),
clive luggage,
grandtec virtually indestructible keyboard,
las vegas

Press On in 2005

While sitting in church on first sunday, there was a scripture that stuck in my mind... I can't remember the exact verse but it had something to do with pressing on... And that's my motto in 2005.